“I’m a native Texan, I’m an ex-athlete, I’m an artist, and to be the artist for the Texas Sports Hall of Fame … I’m real happy with it,” says Austin artist Robert Hurst in a recent Waco Tribune profile. “I’m doing exactly what I want to do, painting exactly what I want to paint, with the Texas Sports Hall of Fame and the other halls of fame — the College Baseball Hall of Fame and the Texas Heritage Songwriters Hall of Fame.”

Hurst loves creating portraits of athletes, so we were excited to see how he would paint Austin music legends for our 2018 visitor’s guide. He certainly did not disappoint. To paint either athletes or musicians well, you need to understand how to capture movement and life in a still image.

Hurst’s painting of Stevie Ray Vaughan, one of 12 musician portraits that appears in our visitor’s guide, is a perfect example. The vibrant color, the wild lines, all give you the feeling that you’re looking at a living, breathing musician at work. You can practically hear the blues riff coming off the page.

Hurst painting of Stevie Ray Vaughan

See more of Hurst’s work in our 2018 visitor’s guide! And read the full profile in the Waco Tribune.


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