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kids-woodtoyChildren are now born in a technological era, yet classic toys remain an indispensible way to learn valuable skills.

Simple objects such as a stuffed animal have a huge impact on a child’s life. As children, talking to teddy bears and dolls as if they are friends is a first introduction to communication skills. Giving them personalities and lives fosters a sense of empathy and understanding for others. Through this type of play, children develop social identity, emotional control and personal responsibility.

When pretending to be someone else, for example, by playing dress up or moving puppets, children learn to better understand other people. With a simple cape or a set of wings, they create a world of make believe where they grow to understand what is possible. This kind of playing nurtures creativity, confidence, independence and community.

For all the make-believe toys that nurture our independence, there are just as many toys that foster our social and physical skills. Outdoor toys like balls, kites and foam rockets, get us moving and socializing. When kids play together, they learn to share and co-operate. Card and board games teach skills of strategy, logical reasoning and spatial planning. Wooden blocks and construction toys develop skills in physics, planning and forethought. Music toys improve fine motor skills and at the same time help develop skills in focus, dedication and patience.

Children have few physical possessions other than toys. These special objects belong to them and no one else. They are expressions of their individuality and self-identity. Owning and remembering special toys also shows children how to take care of things that are precious.

Toys are seeds we pass to a new generation. When we share the toys we loved and learned with, we are strengthening a culture of play. We are participating in a significant shared history. Every toy is cutting edge when you are only two years old! A simple rubber ducky is a brand-new concept that has never been encountered, giving a two-year-old the same feeling an adult gets when they discover a new technology. Beginning with the classics is the best way to truly deepen and improve the skill sets we use every day.