Austin is one of the hottest places to live in the U.S.—and we’re not just referring to the sunshine! Year after year, Texas’ capital consistently ranks high in numerous quality-of-life categories (see page 74).

Even during the recent recession, Austin has enjoyed a stable economy. Local businesses hold a fond place in Austinites’ hearts, though the healthy job market is also reflected in a fast-growing technology center with the abundance of major corporations, such as Google, Apple, Visa, Samsung, Oracle, National Instruments, Microsoft, and IBM. But Austin is not just known for big business and local entrepreneurship; it’s also known for big brains. Austin is home to the University of Texas’ flagship campus, and 12 other public and private colleges sit within an hour’s drive. Austin ranks as the 8th Most Educated City in America and one of the Best College Towns in America (WalletHub 2018), with just over 40% of its populace having a bachelor’s degree. Multiple K–12 schools here have received gold and silver medal designations in U.S. News & World Report.

When it comes to entertainment, Austin can about sing its own praise. USA Today recently recognized the area as having two of the 10 Best Music Festivals in North America (Austin’s Old Settler’s Music Festival and the Austin City Limits Music Festival). South by Southwest’s conglomerate of music, film, and interactive media delivers tens of thousands of registrants to our backyard. Even when the large festivals aren’t happening, Austin proudly carries the slogan “Live Music Capital of the World” because of the sheer volume of acts that one can find on any given night.

Probably the most priceless parts of Austin are its beauty and weather. The subtropical climate means balmy spring days and cool winters. The city has hundreds of parks and nature preserves, more than 50 miles of trails, and more than 50 public swimming pools.

But don’t take our word for it. Visit our beautiful city and let the warm people, the inviting nightlife, the gorgeous vistas, and the cheerful sunshine welcome you with open arms.

Austin Is…

Working Hard

  • Best Place in U.S. to Start a Business. Inc., 12/17/18
  • Hottest Labor Market in the Country. Wall St. Journal, 3/1/19
  • One of the Top 10 Hardest-Working Cities in the U.S. WalletHub, 2/25/19
  • Biggest Boomtown in America: biggest influx of people, jobs, and business growth. MagnifyMoney, 8/6/18
  • No. 2 City Where Jobs are Plentiful and Businesses are Thriving. CNBC, 9/13/18
  • 6th on list of 10 Cities Americans are Flocking to where Salaries are Rising. CNBC, 9/11/18
  • One of Top 10 Metros for Retail Real Estate Investment. Marcus & Millichap, 3/1/19
  • Best City to be a Game Developer. ValueGamers, 9/16/18
  • 4th Best City for STEM Professionals. WalletHub, 1/8/19
  • One of 15 Large Cities with the Highest Share of Black Residents with STEM Bachelor’s Degrees. Brookings Institution, 8/2/18
  • One of North America’s Most Competitive Cities for electronics, IT and communications, life sciences, and investments. Site Selection, 5/8/17
  • No. 4 Best City for Conferences in 2018. SmartAsset, 10/9/18
  • 8th Most Educated City in America. WalletHub, 7/24/18
  • No. 5 among Local Government Green Power Users.
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 7/23/18
  • 8th Best Place to Buy a House among 63 largest U.S. cities. WalletHub, 9/5/18
  • No. 3 Best City for Renters. smartasset, 7/12/18
  • Best College Town in America. WalletHub, 12/11/18
  • 20 Austin-area high schools among America’s Top High Schools. Newsweek, 5/9/18

Hardly Working

  • Best Place to Live in U.S.. U.S. News & World Report, 4/10/18
  • Best Big City to Live in Right Now. Money, 11/19/18
  • One of 15 Happiest Cities in the U.S. WalletHub, 3/11/19
  • One of the 16 Most Relaxing Cities for a Vacation. Remedy Review, 12/21/18
  • No. 6 Best Winter Vacation Destination for Warm-Weather Lovers WalletHub, 10/31/18
  • One of 14 “Cities that Give You the Worst Case of FOMO.” Expedia, 10/15/18
  • The 10 Best Music Festivals in North America include Old Settler’s Music Festival and the Austin City Limits Music Festival. USA Today, 3/25/19
  • No. 1 destination for beer travel in 2019. Vinepair, 1/8/19
  • One of 11 Most Delicious Destinations in the U.S. in survey of travel writers. Expedia, 2/8/18
  • One of the World’s 20 Must-See Literary Destinations. Expedia, 3/6/18
  • One of Top 10 Places to Retire. WalletHub, 8/14/18
  • Best Place for Veterans to Live. WalletHub, 11/5/18
  • 4th on ranking of Places where People with Disabilities are Faring Best. MagnifyMoney, 2/26/19
  • America’s Best City for Dating with nearly 40% of singles reporting satisfaction with their dating opportunities., 2/8/19
  • One of America’s 20 Best Cities for an Active Lifestyle. WalletHub, 1/1/19
  • No. 4 Most Pet-Friendly City in ranking of the 100 largest cities. WalletHub, 8/7/18
  • 8th-safest City in America among cities with 300,000 or greater population. SafeWise, 8/6/18

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