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A Note From The Publisher

By May 18, 2018August 3rd, 2020No Comments

Welcome to Celebrate Austin!

Dear Readers,

For 40 years, we’ve published an iconic hardbound book, which is distributed to more than 32,000 hotel, resort and bed and breakfast rooms annually.

We also distribute Pocket Guides every spring and fall. But there’s just too much going on in Austin and the Texas Hill Country to stop there.

For the past forty years, Celebrate Austin has been celebrating everything that makes Austin whacky, weird, and wonderful. From our early mornings to long summer eves, Austin is teeming with life and opportunity. Whether you’re staying for a day, a week or you’re looking to settle down, Celebrate Austin wants you to know Austin is the perfect place to live and forge your future.

With its steady economic growth, job opportunity, and ample entertainment, Austin has everything a thriving city needs to provide a fulfilling life. That is why thousands of people continue to move here to start families and build careers!

Celebrate Austin urges you read through our fortieth anniversary edition which touches on some very iconic Austin locations! We’ve also included some unique Austin trivia to challenge your knowledge of Austin! And, of course, show you all the places that make Texas’s capitol the greatest place on Earth!

Celebrate Austin provides you with all the information you need to “celebrate”  your way around Austin. Whether you’re here to “celebrate” our nightlife on Historic Sixth Street or wander through the wilderness in something more Sports related, we’re certain we can help make the most of your time in Austin! Our publication is divided into helpful sections with all the information at your fingertips: Shopping, Arts, Dining, Historic Sixth Street, and how to plan your Austin wedding… so much more!

At Celebrate Austin, we don’t just enjoy Austin, we “celebrate”  it! This is our city and now, it’s yours too! So, welcome to Austin, Texas your home away from home!  Hurry back!