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Facts about Austin, Texas

Quick Facts about Austin

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The population of Austin is nearly 1 million people

The actual city population of Austin, Texas is 975,335, with a day-time population of 1,160,340 (according to the 2023 Census).

City Population


Median Age


Mexican Bat Population

1,500,000 Million

Learn more about the Austin, Texas Mexican free-failed bat by reading our article here!

Founded in 1839

Austin was founded by Stephen F. Austin

10th Largest City

As of the 2022 census, Austin is the 10th largest city in the United States (, 2023).

Average Temperature in Austin


Average Home Price in Austin


Size of Austin, Texas

332.7 sq mi

The Highest Point in Austin

Mt. Bonnell

Slogans about Austin

The Violet Crown


The Live Music Capitol of the World
Keep Austin Weird


The Human Capital, Bat City