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1. What band got their name from 1960’s movie Barbarella?
A. New Order
B. Duran Duran
C. The Cars
D. Wham!

2. The Delorean’s license plate in Back to the Future reads:

3. What 80’s TV game show featured the “Whammy�
A. Whew!
B. Card Sharks
C. Press Your Luck
D. Ace’s Wild

4. This video game stars an orange pyramid hopping creature:
A. Pac-Man
B. Dig Dug
C. Space Invaders
D. Q*Bert

5. What company made clothes with little alligators on them?
A. Jordache
B. Esprit
C. Izod
D. Forenza

6. What movie started the cutoff sweatshirts trend?
A. Valley Girl
B. Flashdance
C. Footloose
D. Star Wars

7. What is the highest grossing film of the 1980’s?
B. Batman
C. Top Gun
D. Gremlins

8. Who performed the song “Sunglasses at Night�
A. Corey Hart
B. Bryan Adams
C. Adam Ant
D. Madonna

9. Which loud fitness guru had a big hit with “Deal-A-Meal�
A. Jane Fonda
B. Richard Simmons
C. Jack LaLanne
D. Cher

10. Which arcade game featured a knight riding a bird?
A. Tron
B. Tempest
C. Dig Dug
D. Joust

11. What hit ‘85 movie was almost called Spaceman from Pluto?
A. Back to Future
B. The Terminator
C. Aliens
D. Cocoon

12. What year did MTV kickoff their first broadcast by playing “Video Killed the Radio Star†by The Buggles?
A. 1980
B. 1981
C. 1985
D. 1989

13. What TV show featured a season finale that included main character J.R. Ewing getting shot?
A. Dynasty
B. Knots Landing
C. The Waltons
D. Dallas

14. What home video game console did Atari produce?
A. Funco
B. Gameinator
C. 2600
D. Timespender

15. This clothing brand made bright, Hawaiian-patterned shorts.
A. Snackdogs
B. Goofballs
C. Rads
D. Jams

16. This Cuban-American singer had the ‘88 hit, Toy Soldiers.
A. Yuri
B. Franco
C. Gloria Estefan
D. Martika

17. In Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s hit song what did the title of the song compell listeners to do?
A. Be Quiet
B. Sit Down
C. Relax
D. Calm Down

18. The old Jedi Master who trained Luke Skywalker in 1980’s Star Wars sequel The Empire Strikes Back was almost called “Buffy.†What was the name of this small, green creature?
A. Yogi
B. Yoda
C. Yoyo
D. Yoko

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1: B. Duran Duran


3: C. Press Your Luck

4: D. Q*Bert

5: C. Izod

6: B. Flashdance

7: A. ET

8: A. Corey Hart

9: B. Richard Simmons

10: D. Joust

11: A. Back to the Future

12: B. 1981

13: D. Dallas

14: C. 2600

15: D. Jams

16: A. Martika

17: C. Relax

18: B. Yoda