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3 Tips for a Great Night Out in Austin

By March 23, 2018April 12th, 2024No Comments

3 Rules of Going Out in Austin

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Hello, Austin! My name is Bak Zoumanigui, pronounced Back Zoo-mah-nee-gee (try it out loud five times in a row). Born in Senegal, West Africa, and raised in Paris, France, I moved to Austin 20 years ago as a teenager. I was truly a newcomer but, as a music fan, I was eager to explore the city. So I went out. A lot. Every night. I quickly connected with artists, DJs, venue owners, musicians, and service industry folks.

Eventually I grew a reputation as an insider you might call me The Human Austin Chronicle. I am here to share some tips on how to get the most out of Austin™s nightlife. Follow these simple rules for a hassle-free, fun night out.

  1. Cash rules

My mother told me, always carry $50, you never know what can happen. Opening and closing tabs takes time. Cash is always quicker. Plus, carrying cash means you™ have no more excuses for not tipping the bar staff or the band!

  1. The fewer the merrier

Going out in a group of five or more can turn into a management training class. There are more opinions to consider and more people to satisfy, so you move more slowly. Keep your group small, up to four people. You came out to have a good time, not chaperone.

  1. Have a purpose

Going out just to go out can be a waste of time and money. Are you going out to dance? To mingle? To relax? To listen to music? All the above? Think about what matters the most to you and plan accordingly.

Going out is like work. Plan it out. Leave the drama at home. Try not to be too distracted. In the end, you™ have made the best of your night and feel like you accomplished something. Let™s work!

That’s my feedbak.

Bak Zoumanigui is the co-founder of AustiNight and host of The FeedBak Podcast, where he shares his insights on Austin’s nightlife: live music, special events, artists, musicians, personalities, and much more. Stay on the pulse of the who, what, when, where of the Austin scene. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter